We educate communities.


The Homeless Period Project provides education to schools, shelters, churches and community leaders.

The lack of access to menstrual hygiene products is often a misunderstood or a utterly unknown issue in the United States. Menstrual hygiene products are necessities for females but are not available in many schools, shelters, and emerging communities to women and girls in need.

The Homeless Period Projects works with school nurses and principals to create an understanding of the pressing issue. Menstrual hygiene products are one of the least donated items to homeless and women’s shelters. Many less advantaged households don’t realize they are placing their girls at a disadvantage by encouraging them to miss school or work because be menstrual hygiene is not considered a necessity.

In 41 of 50 United States, these products are taxed. In addition to providing education, we also work as advocates in our community and to our legislators.

Help us deliver information.

We need volunteers to help educate communities, schools, churches, and civic organizations about the lack of access to menstrual hygiene products for underprivileged and the adverse effect it has on our states and counties.

Please help us provide this critical information and continue increasing knowledge, decreasing prejudice, and ridding the world of the social stigma that still clings to a healthy human function: menstruation.

Donation delivery: One of our HPP Team members, Andie Bates, delivers boxes of Period Packs to a community center along with educational materials.